Whether is your first time moving, or you already have experience, you know that some items are more difficult for relocating than the others. Moving is a usually difficult and tiresome process. Even if you think about every single detail, there are always things that are hard to predict. Searching for reliable movers is a difficult task by itself, but you also need to get familiar with the moving process. Read on to find out what is the most difficult furniture to move so you can properly prepare for the move.


There are a few characteristics that make specific things very difficult to move to start with:

·         survival  – in a real sense, moving living things (pets and plants).

·         fragileness – no reason for having your figurines, work of art, or flat-screen TV relocated to your new home if they arrive shattered. Vintage and fragile furniture can be the most difficult furniture to move since it requires secure packing and careful handling.

·         weight – bulky and heavy furniture or appliances are prone to damage during transportation.  Even maneuvering them from and into your home is a risk.

·         special requirements items – ammo, liquor, or short-lived food may not be hard to lift and move. Yet you will probably require exceptional grants or potentially a ton of papers to get them across the country.

·         emotional value items – some things have a nostalgic worth or significance just can’t be moved. These can be essential for the old environment. Or because they are not material articles that can be stacked on a moving truck and taken with you.

Below you will find a rundown of the most difficult furniture to move to your new home.

Two man carrying a green sofa.


Consider hiring a professional moving company for your move.


Assuming that you own your fridge, washer, dryer or dishwasher, these will be among the absolute greatest difficulties you’ll look at during your move. They do not have necessarily to be difficult to move. However, they may require a professional to remove them and reattach them in your new house.

Prior to moving any bigger appliances, you’ll need to take estimations and ensure they will fit through the doors. Likewise, you will need to ensure that you find ways to secure your floors and dividers while moving them. Even a slight knock can leave a major dent.

To appropriately move your appliances, you’ll need a dolly and furniture cushions. Once you have the appliance on the dolly, carefully move it to the truck. While moving day can make you feel like you must surge, certain things — particularly bigger ones — require the greatest possible level of consideration. Not taking as much time as is needed can cause harm and even injury.

A bulky item can be the most difficult furniture to move

While appliances clearly fall under massive furnishings, strangely shaped or really heavy things can be the most difficult furniture to move. These are items like tall, wooden cupboards, overlap-out love seats, or pianos. For these specific household items, it could be really hard to move them alone. Not only that, it can be unimaginable, and basically, dangerous.

A chair being wrapped in bubble wrap by a person. Remember to protect your fragile items as they are one of the most difficult pieces of furniture to move.

For instance, a concert piano isn’t just huge, amazingly weighty, and unusually shaped. It’s also a fragile instrument, and surprisingly minor knocks can damage it really badly. Consequently, it is a really bad idea to try and move one all alone. Even considerably smaller pianos can be a huge challenge. Therefore it’s better to play it safe and hire a reliable moving company that has professional piano moving services.

Furthermore, you have to be cautious while moving weighty things. It’s better to rely on professional services than harm yourself just because you’re not utilizing the appropriate procedure. If you however opt out to try and handle it yourself, remember to always lift from your legs.

Delicate Items

At the point when one considers what the most difficult furniture to move is, the main things that pop into mind are the ones we’ve mentioned.

Weighty, massive, and bulky pieces that scarcely fit through entryways. Yet almost as difficult are fragile items, particularly ones with sentimental value.

A man in a green shirt squatting among the some boxes, writing something on a piece of paper.


It is a good idea to do the inventory of your most valuable items.

For example, chinaware and glass should be appropriately stuffed, protected with pressing paper and bubble wrap. This will guarantee a safe and secure transfer. It is also highly recommended to do an inventory of all delicate items prior to packing.

Special Equipment

This part refers to musical instruments, entertainment items, and sporting gear. Things like guitars, consoles, pool tables, and drum sets need special attention during your move. You have to ensure that once they’re in the vehicle or truck, they’re not going to get knocked around the vehicle. If you have a stringed instrument, buy a hard case rather than a delicate sack, as the necks of these instruments can snap under pressure.

For sporting gear, we don’t just mean tennis rackets and soccer balls. We’re referring to home rec centers, hand weights, and even pool tables. For home rec centers or treadmills, you’ll need to dismantle them and pack them with care. Since they’re usually heavy and can damage your place while moving. Free weights are sufficiently simple to move into the vehicle for instance. However, ensure they’re secure, as you don’t need 25-45 lbs moving around inside your truck or in the storage compartment of your vehicle.

For strength sporting gear like pool tables, we suggest employing a professional pool table moving service. In any case, even though you’re doing it without hired help, you will require companions. You’ll require various tools and supplies just to disassemble the table completely.

One more difficult piece of furniture to move is art pieces

While not really hard to move, craftsmanship is among the most difficult pieces of furniture to move and can be very valuable. That worth declines drastically when the item is damaged. This is why you need to ensure these delicate items are secure in your truck. These can include craftsmanship, works of art or paintings, as well as figures or sculpture. For paintings, you can use a cover or towel to secure the paint.


At long last, hardware. Gaming control centers, PCs, and TVs are among the most famous difficult furniture to move. Furthermore, these items are among the top list of items prone to damage during the move. Televisions can be damaged easily, with their gigantic screens. And when a pixel kicks the bucket in your TV, it’s typically not even worth fixing. Therefore, you’ll wind up with a major cost assuming you need to fix it.

That’s why we suggest playing it safe while moving gadgets. Put gaming consoles in bubble wrap; load your TV in a cardboard box with a moving cover or towel inside to secure the screen (and never pack a TV face-down), and keep your laptop or PC in its case.

This may seem like a lot to take in and plan, and it’s because it is! Moving is difficult work and requires care and careful planning throughout the process, especially when it comes to the most difficult furniture to move. But don’t worry, you can look at these moving hacks for a faster, easier, and less stressful move.

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